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Bracebridge Engineering Limited is a family owned and run business based in Birmingham, West Midlands that was established in 1978 as a UK manufacturer of sub-contract metal pressings, stampings and welded assemblies.

As a key UK manufacturing supplier we produce bespoke presswork and metal pressings, using ferrous and non-ferrous metals in sheet, coil or tube form. This makes up the core of our manufacturing business that we supply worldwide to our customers in a broad range of sectors, including aerospace, defence and automotive.

ISO 9001:2015 certified, we utilise techniques such as Project Timing Plans , Quality AQPQ, PPAP, FMEA, S.P.C. and other internal control procedures to ensure we meet our customer expectations.

Today’s challenging business environment demands flexibility from its suppliers. We will accommodate small and large production volumes to suit your needs. Shorter runs are manufactured on single operation tooling and larger volume runs are produced on progression tooling.

We offer a range of ancillary processes at our Birmingham site such as sub-assemblies, robot welding, spot welding, surface finishing, deburring, cleaning, protecting, degreasing, thread rolling and tube cutting. We also offer other processes such as laser cutting, powder coating, zinc plating and anodising through our local manufacturing partners.

Bracebridge provide a one-stop solution that today’s customers need and our highly motivated and enthusiastic team has a culture to provide fully finished items on time – every time! Contact us now with your enquiry.

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