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Bracebridge Engineering Limited is a family owned business based in the West Midlands that was established in 1978 as sub-contract supplier of metal pressings and stampings.

Bracebridge Engineering Ltd is a renowned UK manufacturing based company specialising in precision engineering and fabrication services. With decades of experience, we have earned a reputation for delivering high-quality stampings and assemblies for diverse industries, including automotive, aerospace, defence and electronics.

Through the utilisation of modern technologies, Bracebridge Engineering maintains its position at the forefront of the UK manufacturing sector. We prioritise sustainability and ethical practices, ensuring adherence to industry standards with our ISO 9001:2015-certified processes.

A customer-centric approach drives our success, forging lasting partnerships by providing excellent service and responsiveness. The company's commitment to research and development empowers them to adapt to changing market demands and remain competitive in the ever-evolving landscape of UK manufacturing.


Family-owned and run, BBE has been manufacturing in the Birmingham area for four generations. Its parent company Trevelyans was founded just after WWI to make ignition tubes for the growing automotive market. After that the company developed its presswork and stamping expertise into many fields including, light fittings, tap tops and shower components, and along the way forged competences in deep-drawing, thread-rolling and tube manipulation to complement its core business.

BBE became an independent company in 1978 and continued to produce components for a wide range of industries specialising in non-ferrous, copper and brass fittings for the growing electric shower and central heating industry at its site in Aston, Birmingham. The company outgrew its original site in Aston and moved to the premises from which we now operate in 1995. We occupy a prominent location on the Walsall Road in Perry Barr, an area that is undergoing significant investment and improvement. Close to the Midlands motorway network our site is very accessible and close to all the engineering expertise still to be found in Birmingham and the West Midlands.


At BBE, we recognize that manufacturing quality is the cornerstone of our success and the satisfaction of our valued customers. We believe that the pursuit of excellence in every product we create is not just a goal, but a fundamental responsibility. Quality manufacturing is crucial as it ensures that our products meet and exceed the highest standards of performance, safety, and reliability. By maintaining rigorous quality control processes and investing in cutting-edge technologies, we take pride in delivering products that inspire trust and confidence. From the design phase to the final product, our commitment to manufacturing quality guarantees that our customers receive exceptional and durable solutions they can rely on. Because at the heart of everything we do, quality remains our top priority.

Our quality methodologies focus on zero PPM defects, making use of dedicated CMM Faro arm, calibrated measurement tools, Go/No-Go gauges & fixtures we ensure all employees have ownership of quality. Bracebridge Engineering Ltd are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and uses core tools such as FMEA, SPC , and PPAP to ensure product compliance to customers’ requirements.

New part introduction (NPI) is driven through a rigorous advanced quality planning (APQP) routine from initial feasibility review, timing plans, manufacture, inspection and finally through to final conforming product. An appointed project management leader is fully responsible for the whole process

Bracebridge Engineering Ltd has created a continuous improvement culture throughout our workforce using training, auditing and regular manufacturing meetings.


As experts in the industry, Bracebridge Engineering understands that efficient and reliable presswork tooling is the backbone of any successful production process. Good tooling ensures precise and consistent shaping of materials, resulting in high-quality components and reduced waste.

Our fully equipped toolroom can take care of all your tooling needs, with the support of our engineering department and local toolmakers we can take your concept idea through the design to the prototype to sample approval then finally into production using the most cost effective tooling solution.

We supply tooling solutions to meet your production and budget demands by:-

Single operation tooling, including fine blanking, stamping, piercing, forming. Deep draw tooling.
Multi-stage coil-fed progression tooling.
Transfer press tooling.
Special purpose tooling.
Secondary operation and assembly tooling.
Gauges and checking fixtures
Welding and assembly Jigs.

Capacity List

Press Shop
Clearing 90ton
Hme op75 75ton (2 off)
Rhodes 100ton (2 off)
Chin Fong 160ton
Sweeney & blocksidge 10ton
Sweeney & blocksidge 50ton (2 off)
Sweeney & blocksidge 20ton (5 off)
Tranemo 250 ton hydraulic press
Lagan 200 ton hydraulic press
Tranemo 250 ton hydraulic press
Hare 60kn press
25T Amada pressbrake

Coil Holders
Bhp coil holder/straightener
Atkin coil holder type sp150
Bhp single coil holder
Bhp double coil holder
Clark v5ro5m
Clark horizontal coil holder

Spot welders
British federal 75 kva
British federal 30 kva
British federal 10 kva

Robot Welders
Panarobo Panasonic

Sharmac type vb10s (2 off)
Acton type vb10s
Dryer (2 off)
Blastwash parts degreaser
RS Components ultrasonic cleaner

Jones & shipman 1302 cylindrical grinder
Jones & shipman 1400 surface grinder
Jones & shipman 540 surface grinder
Colchester mastiff 1400 lathe
Colchester triumph 2000 lathe

Elliott progress no.1 bench driller
Qualters & smith r4 radial drill
Union jubilee pedestal grinder
KRV 3000 Miller
Startrite volant no. 18 vertical bandsaw
Startrite horizontal bandsaw

Other machines
Meddings table top drill type lb
Ace-minor belt sander
Carter Circular Saw
Adige CM501 Saw
Adige CM400 Saw
Burmaster Deburing Machine (2 off)

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