Metal Presswork Using a Progression Press

If you have a component that needs to be manufactured in high volume then the best option to use to meet that requirement is progression tooling. When using a progression press, the coiled or length of metal is fed into the press and is manipulated in stages until all the stages are complete. They are then released when the final operation is finished.

This process allows the component to remain firmly in place until all the required stages until completion are completed.


Using progression tooling often incurs a higher tooling cost outlay initially however this is offset by much lower part costs as the labour and time to produce each part is significantly reduced. This method is suited to higher volume components where unit cost is more important than initial outlay. At our plant in The Midlands we have dedicated progression presses with coil feeds to accommodate your needs.

So, if you require a large batch production run then look no further; Bracebridge Engineering Ltd has got you covered.

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