Deep Drawn Pressing

Deep Drawn Pressing

At Bracebridge Engineering Ltd we specialise in the production of components requiring the process of deep drawing. We offer the highest quality in production required for drawn pressings, and all of our team in Birmingham offer an unsurpassable and comprehensive metal presswork service.

What is Deep Drawn Presswork?

Deep drawing presswork is the industrial manufacturing process of progressively forming a piece of sheet metal into a three dimensional shape by mechanically drawing the metal sheet ‘blank’ into a forming die which will cut into the metal; eventually forming the required shape of the product..

Typically the process is considered deep drawing when the depth of the drawn part exceeds its diameter. Attaining the depth of the component is achieved by redrawing the part through a series of dies until the finished product is a kind of metallic ‘mould’ or ‘cup’ shape. This process is known as reduction.

Deep drawn presswork is by no means a simple process. In the majority of cases, the exact desired size of a component cannot be formed into shape after the first reduction process. The component will need to undergo a series of further reduction cycles until the desired size is achieved.

This process is further complicated by dynamics dependent on the material used. Although, most types of materials are suitable for being deep drawn from a flat bank into a “mould” in some cases of deep drawn metallic presswork some metals aren’t as malleable as others and due to the high levels of stress that is inflicted upon the material during the process, it may require a heat treatment operation (known as annealing) before being subjected to any further reductions past the initial stages.

Deep Drawn Pressing: The End Uses

Typically, the end products of deep drawn pressing processes are storage objects; such as canisters filter bodies, and tins. But the process isn’t restricted to small productions such as these. The deep drawing press process extends into the medical industry, automotive production as well many other large industrial sectors that require metal components that need to be deep drawn.

The Benefits of Deep Drawn Pressing

There are a number of benefits in using the process of deep drawn pressing, for example the production of high volumes of a product or component; once the tooling and dice required to cut the product have been created, the process can operate with very little downtime and minimal upkeep.

Secondly, deep drawn pressing can prove advantageous in producing products that are high in functionality. Products that are required to be both lightweight but also very strong are often created using this method of production, take for example tin containers.

Another benefit of deep drawn pressing is its high ability in producing shapes with complex geometries. Cylindrical objects in particular benefit from this process; as do objects that require seamless production out of one sheet of metal.

Deep Drawn Pressing: Simple in the right hands

TDeep drawn pressing of a metallic product or component is a skill that requires highly specialised hands within the field of metallic presswork.

All of the team in our Birmingham production plant are extremely specialised and proficient in the field of deep drawn pressing, and will use their specialist knowledge and workmanship to assist you through the whole manufacturing process; from advising you on the initial design of your product, through to the pressing stage.

Throughout the whole process our experts will provide you with expert assistant to ensure you get an unsurpassed deep drawing press service.

If you are looking for deep drawn pressing in the West Midlands or further afield and want the highest quality, unsurpassed expertise and a punctual, efficient service contact Bracebridge today.

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