Other Services

Other Services

Not only do Bracebridge provide quality presswork we also offer a range of in house sub-contract services to complement our pressings all which are available on request.


Many of our customers require complex welded parts, we achieve this by offering simple spot welding and manual welding right up to fully automated robotic welding. We have 3 manual welding machines for low volume parts, we have MIG, TIG and ARC welding units onsite to cover a large range of options.

Robot welding offers increased efficiency, precision, and consistency in the welding process by utilizing robotic arms equipped with welding tools to perform tasks with unparalleled speed and accuracy, enhancing productivity and ensuring high-quality welds. As part of our ongoing continuous improvement programme we now have full 6 axis robotic welding facilities to produce a wide range of welded assemblies in medium to high volume. If you have a product that requires welding, why not contact us and for a quotation?

Specialist Assemblies

At Bracebridge we have facilities to assemble complex parts. Many of the parts we produce go on to be assembled in-house either with another pressing, a bought out part or free issued part. Using our main body pressings and sub components we can provide the complete service to the customer by utilising methods such as riveting, soldering, manual assembly, seal installation, pressure testing, and machining.

Metal Finishing

Parts cleaning and deburring

One service we offer that really sets us above the rest is our deburring and cleaning cell. We have a dedicated cell which houses 3 vibro machines and 2 maize dryers and 1 hot parts washer, which deburr, clean & dry most metal pressings. Whether we are degreasing a stainless steel part for a biomedical application or removing sharp edges on a simple mild steel bracket we have you covered. Enquire today and find out how we can help you.


BBE offer an anti-corrosion dipping service in-house for mild steel parts that are required in their natural state to prevent surface corrosion and rust.


We also work in conjunction with several local external providers so we can offer surface finishing such as:

Thread Rolling

Thread rolling, as a method of forming threads on fasteners and components, offers several advantages over traditional thread-cutting processes like threading or tapping. Firstly, thread rolling strengthens the thread by cold-working the material, resulting in improved fatigue resistance and enhanced thread durability. Unlike cutting processes that generate chips and swarf, thread rolling produces no waste material, making it a cleaner and more environmentally friendly option. Additionally, thread rolling is highly efficient, allowing for faster production rates and reduced cycle times, contributing to overall cost-effectiveness in manufacturing. With its ability to create precise and uniform threads even in tough materials, thread rolling ensures consistent and reliable performance, making it the preferred choice for many industries seeking high-quality threaded components.

So if you are looking for thread rolling services, we can provide a specialist thread rolling service ranging from M3 to M60 (Imperial 1/8” – 2.5” diameter).

We have also developed a wide range of knurling finishes also to complement the thread rolling side.

In addition to this we also have 2 cold heading machines and small bolt making machines that can produce small bolts and screws.

Our sister company work alongside us to provide a bespoke and high volume thread rolled products service for bespoke parts and components used in a wide variety of industries throughout the UK and overseas – please visit http://www.precisionthreadrolling.co.uk/ for more information or to contact direct.

Tube Cutting

To complement our press shop facility we also have the capacity to cut tube to length in house within our saw cutting cell.

Our fully automated saws can cut and deburr tube in a variety of materials up to 100mm in diameter and up to 1200mm in length whilst maintaining close tolerance. Many fluid filters have perforated sections of tube inside which we are able to cut to our customer’s exact requirements.

If you have a tube cutting requirement feel free to give us a call or send us an email with your enquiry details.

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